The NHS must sack Olivia Butterworth now for slamming a victim of domestic and sexual violence

Tom Winnifrith Monday 29 June 2020


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No one is still quite clear what Olivia Butterworth does to justify her six-figure salary as Head of Public Participation for NHS England. We know that she tweets out lies about the Tories to bash them and thinks that celebrating Virtual Pride is more important than treating cancers. But what does she do? Well, it seems she attacks women who have suffered domestic violence. If this was a male employee of the NHS, an ordinary Joe administrator, he’d be getting a P45 today, but will the NHS show a true commitment to equality and fire Ms Butterworth?

On the Mumsnet site a woman posts:

NHS England Head Of Public Participation tells survivors to stay in their lane

A day or so ago I had tweeted at another user that women’s single sex services should ensure that the EQ Act 2010 is correctly applied to protect women.

Last night the Head Of Public Participation And Engagement – Olivia Butterworth @LiviBut replied to me in a tweet that

“It has never been an issue or a problem. Unless you have direct personal experience stop jumping on the bandwagon”.

When I pointed out I AM a survivor she blocked me. This is really unacceptable. Trolls are one thing. Vicious trans activists are one thing. But a Public Health Official using her account to silence women who have experienced domestic and sexual violence is quite another.

You can see the post and proof of Butterworth’s offending tweet HERE.

Of course Ms Butterworth knows that in the hierarchy of victimhood, women now come well below members of the transgender community and thus she is happy to kick a survivor of abuse and ignore her views. How very 2020.

This abrasive defence of the trans agenda by dissing abused women may win plaudits among some Guardian readers but you would hope that most folks within NHS Senior management or perhaps even Health Secretary Matt Hancock will realise that it is wholly unacceptable and fire Butterworth at once, without compensation. Come on Matt, surely you remember #MeToo and cannot accept such treatment of a victim?

You’d hope that she will not be replaced as her pointless post is made redundant.

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