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“We hate Millwall, we hate Millwall, we are Millwall haters” but today I am not, well not completely

Tom Winnifrith
Saturday 5 December 2020

I support West Ham with a bit of a passion, albeit from the wilds of North Wales. I bring my kids up to support West Ham, something which many folks would consider a reason to report me to social services given the misery such support often brings. So my second team is, obviously, anyone playing Millwall. The tribal feelings are strong when it comes to our friends from South of the river in East London. I really want them to lose every game if only to ensure that we never have to play them again, given what has happened in previous games: pitch invasions, fighting and even stabbings. I was there the last time Millwall visited Upton Park and it was truly awful. Thankfully, only one person died. But you get the gist – I do not like Millwall football club or its fans. But not today. Well not completely.

I wondered who would be the first person to boo soccer millionaires taking a knee to the Black Lives Matter movement. I should not have wondered. It was hundreds of Millwall fans today.  “Nobody likes us and we don’t care” they chant but today they spoke for the nation.

Natch the MSM is not reporting it much, if at all, but videos are all over social media. In denying that the resistance is out there, the liberal media elites hope it will fade. But the internet is powerful and the refusal to report what happened will not weaken the resistance to the woke preachers in the culture wars; it will just hasten the demise of the MSM, its credibility chipped away, one incident at a time.

Some on Twitter are slating the fans. Usually, those condemning it are the sort of middle class guilty libtards who would not dream of mixing with the oiks at a football match. “They are the sort of people who might vote for Brexit or read the Daily Mail, don’t you know.” “Not the sort of chaps who care about global warming and Palestine, don’t you know.” “They eat meat, FFS!”

Such folks pretend that supporting the BLM is mainstream and that only alt right freaks and racists might oppose it. They used to say the same thing about we folks who supported Brexit. All 17.4 million of us – including my BAME Mrs – just had to be racists and stupid, there could be no other explanation.

But not only do 77% of those who have a view think that the BLM Movement has increased racial division in the UK but 66% of BAME folks holding a view take the same stance. So in booing pampered millionaires taking a knee in support of a movement that wants to end capitalism, boycott Israel, defund the Police, close jails, end the nuclear family, etc., Millwall supporters speak for the majority. In being the first to do so, I salute their bravery.

And as a bonus, I see that their team lost 1-0.  Two reasons that the game brings me reasons to be cheerful today.

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