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Millwall Supporters 1, woke pundits like the prick Gary Lineker nil - take a knee scrapped at the Den

Tom Winnifrith
Tuesday 8 December 2020

On Saturday, Millwall Supporters booed as their players took a knee in support of an organisation that most Britons (both white & BAME) think INCREASES racial division, that wants to end capitalism & the nuclear family, to boycott Israel, defund the police and shut jails. Millwall supporters spoke for the nation. Fraud promoter Gary Lineker said the supporters were racist in opposing the organisation that increases racial tension, Black Lives Matter. Whatever. Gary is a prick. Tonight Millwall face QPR in the Championship.

Oddly, QPR stopped taking a knee a good while back as its black director of football, the great Les Ferdinand, said the gesture had become “diluted”. There was talk of QPR re-starting taking a knee tonight; however, it has been decided that neither team will take a knee but will hold hands in “solidarity” and in opposition to discrimination. Fair enough.

The point Lineker at al miss is that Millwall fans speak for the nation, both BAME and white folks as recent polling shows. Lineker speaks for a pampered and out of touch elite as he does on so many other issues including, of course, Brexit. That we plebs have to pay his seven-figure salary under threat of jail only to be insulted by him on a regular basis is another good reason to #DefundTheBBC.

Clearly the fans have won at Millwall. Players there will not take a knee as they know what will happen. The question now is whether fans at other clubs will have to follow the Millwall lead and kick the BLM Movement out of football or whether other clubs will avoid embarrassing spats with the folks that pay players wages, the fans, and drop the kneeling of their own volition.

And how will the jug-eared crisp salesman report that? I suspect not how he should, by apologising for his previous comments.

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