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The Badger Trust joins the trolls organising a Tom Winnifrith Pile on but is regretting it - Part 1

Tom Winnifrith
Wednesday 17 February 2021

I do not hide my view of badgers. If you are reading this in some big city, you probably think of them as loveable fury little creatures just like Foxy Woxy. I view them as aggressive vermin just like Foxy Woxy. Badgers eat hedgehogs, animals I rather like. They dig up the graveyard at the end of my fields where one day I shall be buried. They are not after the bodies, just the worms, and that also sees them digging up my lawn and those of all my neighbours. They have a go at my strawberry patch which is adjacent to their sett here at the Welsh Hovel. I loathe badgers.

12 days ago I suggested, in an article HERE, that I might do something about the problem by bricking up the sett. A friend then pointed out to me that this would be illegal although it would be wildly popular with my neighbours. But those who are invested in some of the frauds I am taking on right now, notably Supply@ME Capital and Zoetic Capital, two utterly bogus businesses whose bosses should be in jail, seized at the chance to get me into trouble discussing on Bulletin Boards and chatrooms how at last one regulator will deal with me and send me to jail.

Thus, I got a stern email from a Mr Craig Fellowes, a Wildlife Crime Officer at the Badger Trust, saying his organisation had been contacted by a number of folks about “potential lawbreaking”. After rabbiting on for a bit, Craig stated: “We would ask that you do not suggest that you might break the laws and potentially encourage others to do the same, whether knowingly or unknowingly, in future articles.”

Craig can stick it up his ar*e as I told him in no uncertain terms. Nowhere have I encouraged anyone else to break the law or harass badgers. So his letter is defamatory. Moreover, I pointed out who the individuals who contacted him are, for these folks are shareholders in Supply or Zoetic or other frauds I am exposing or have exposed. They were discussing on Twitter and on chat rooms last week how they should all report me to the Badger Trust, Green MP Caroline Lucas and to the RSPCA.

I pointed out to Craig that while the FRC and FCA and BBC commend me for my work, these same folks who suddenly care about badgers chat openly about having me killed, got bogus reviews of a restaurant I used to own to swamp TripAdvisor, phoned that restaurant to harass the waitresses and now phone me at home with late night menacing calls, send death threats, try to get my wife sacked from her job, etc, etc. Craig and the Badger Trust have unwittingly been used by bad and wicked people and have ended up sending a defamatory letter.

I have asked for an apology and suggested that Craig be less credulous in future lest he again, unwittingly, becomes part of a sustained campaign of harassment. Cc’ing my long-suffering lawyer into the correspondence, I await Craig’s reply. I hope that, at least, he apologises for the Badger Trust’s unwitting role in badgering a poor journalist.

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