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Daughter Olaf lambasts me on the 6PM curfew for men issue – here is why she is both wrong and patronising

Tom Winnifrith
Monday 15 March 2021

Green Baroness and career politician Jenny Jones said she might propose a 6 PM curfew for all men. That Bonkers Welsh First Minister Mark Drakeford showed some sympathy with the idea is surely all the proof that you needed that it and Jenny are mad as a nest of snakes. But my wonderful, but a bit woke, daughter Olaf lambasts me for saying so.

Olaf’s point is that what Jenny means is that women are so terrified that they are already under a curfew and that Ms Jones was merely making that point. I suggest that the words of Ms Jones are clear:

“In the week that Sarah Everard was abducted and, we suppose, killed—because remains have been found in a woodland in Kent — I argue that, at the next opportunity for any Bill that is appropriate, I might put in an amendment to create a curfew for men on the streets after 6 pm. I feel this would make women a lot safer, and discrimination of all kinds would be lessened.”

Whatever the post event justification for this mad suggestion, her original words are explicit and clear. It is not about making men think, it is about locking men up under house arrest. Olaf really should read the original source material or perhaps Oxford educated historians do not do that sort of thing any more?

Olaf goes on to state that the words of Jenny Jones “have certainly made men my age think about the additional challenges women face simply walking about, and this is an important point to make.”

Here we go again. Olaf has talked to a small group of privileged middle class men either hailing from leafy North London (mates from her school era) or attending Oxford University or both. From this, she deduces what all younger men think. I suggest to Olaf that while in her woke echo chamber young men might think like that, folks in the real world, in those horrible pleb filled places that voted for Brexit, might think differently. I suspect, but do not claim to know for sure, that nearly all young men up here in Wrexham agree with me.

Moreover, there is the implicit assumption that the young folk know better than reactionary old dinosaurs like Olaf’s ageing Dad. Where have we heard that before? Oh yes: Brexit where tearful young middle class and well educated folks blubbed to the cameras about how old people did not understand that they were stealing young people’s futures and as they were going to die soon shouldn’t have had the vote.

We live in a society where part of the woke culture war battle sees the views of youth venerated and those of old folks dismissed. We oldies may have experienced a lot, learned a bit, had to work and pay our way but our views count for less. Implicit in Olivia’s scorching email to her father was this view.

Of course, I do take rape seriously. Folks like me, old reactionaries in the boonies, are appalled that rapists can be out of jail in three years and that those committing aggravated sexual assault can, in some circumstances, avoid the slammer altogether. We old dinosaurs are all for harsher sentences. 25 years with no parole for rape: I see no problem with that. I think the judiciary and British legal system is pathetically soft on crime and soft on criminals but guess which sort of folks take a contrary view and talk about how jail victimises the poor and BAME communities and demand fewer folks in jail? Yup it is those Metropolitan libtards who Olaf compares so favourably with her old Dad. And tragically it is those elites whose views have held sway in recent times not those of we dinosaurs. The result: there are more rapists walking the streets than there should be and more potential sex offenders thinking that the punishments handed out are not that much of a deterrent.

Now Olaf, tell me about Rotherham, Telford and the other places where there was industrial scale rape of young women of whom many have since taken their lives unable to cope with what went on.  Why is this latest rape and murder of a 33-year-old middle class woman in London, awful though it is, creating such outrage among the Metropolitan Elites when for years those same folks sat there in denial and lambasting those who asked questions about events in Rotherham or elsewhere? Is it because of a terror of being seen to be nasty about the particular minority who were, overwhelmingly, the perps in those cases or because, whatever they say, the Metropolitan liberal elites really do not care about girls they regard as working class trash, largely white trash.

I suggest Olaf reads Paul Embery, “Despised: Why the Modern Left hates the working class”. I am almost at the end of it and it explains a lot about both how folks in places like Oxford, leafy London, Cambridge, Bath and Bristol think about the oiks and how the oiks are waking up to this.  The book, by a lifelong socialist and Union official, costs £13.33 on Amazon and can be bought HERE. It really is a superb read.

And there is another issue, which my Mrs flags up. Here are some statistics for Olaf. Her withering critique of her old man is a bit short on data. Actually, as you’d expect from a liberal arts soon to be graduate, there is absolutely none at all.

Homicides: England & Wales 2019

Male – 395

Female – 208

Killed by a stranger:

Male – 22

Female – 6

Killed by a partner:

Male – 4

Female – 38

All this talk of “reclaim the streets” is really very old. I remember at University there were marches to do just that back then. And clearly it is wrong that women and men feel unsafe on the streets, though a man is far more likely to be murdered or beaten up.

But the biggest issue for women is clearly domestic violence. A woman is six times as likely to be killed by her partner as by a stranger and when a woman is killed it is very rarely by someone she does not know at all.

That is the big issue which needs to be addressed. With respect, even talking of locking men inside their homes is not going to make women as a whole any safer at all.

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