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This really is my last word on ghastly Meghan Markle

Tom Winnifrith
Thursday 18 March 2021

Meghan Markle and her dim husband said that their lie-packed interview with billionaire virtue signaller Oprah Winfrey would be their “last word” on the matter. That now seems to be a lie too as they are happily letting it be known to pet poodles in the press their latest thoughts and feelings.  Just when I thought that I could not view the couple as even more despicable, I find that I do. I suppose as a Republican I should not really care but as a human I find myself feeling ever warmer thoughts towards the rest of the Royal Family. Maybe this is long Covid and I cannot think straight but after 53 years as a Republican, I really do feel rather sorry for the rest of the Windsor family.

As we discover that Meghan is now thinking of running for President, as she has finally twigged that marrying Harry won’t make her a Queen, you get to think about how ghastly the alternative to the monarchy could be. President Davina McCall, President Cherie Blair, President Charlotte Hogg. President patronising woke daughter Olaf. Take your pick. But my sympathy for the comrade Windsor’s is also a human reaction.

I am delighted that Prince Philip (a man who fought Nazis & whose mother saved Jews but who Hollywood brands a Nazi) is out of hospital and back with his Mrs. I would have thought that, this weekend, this news would have cheered up his entire family and that is what they were thinking about. Welcome home Phil the Greek may he live forever. But one branch of the family was thinking not primarily about Phil but about themselves. Harry & Meghan spent the weekend letting it be known that Meghan felt snubbed as no Royal had spoken to her since THAT interview when she told a pack of lies and suggested that they were a bunch of racists. Poor Meghan, she is always the victim, she must be at the centre of all of our thoughts. How on earth could the Royal family not want to speak to her after what she said? I guess that must be racism too.

Meghan let it be known that she felt “snubbed”. Poor Meghan, as she holes up in her $15 million home, let us all pray for Meghan as she suffers.

Truly this is ridiculous. How on earth can this woman be so utterly self-obsessed and deluded as to how folks perceive her? I see that in the latest polls in Britain Meghan is the second most unpopular Royal with many more folks disliking her than liking her. True, she is more popular than Andrew, a man accused of abetting the world’s best-known paedophile if not worse, but if current trends continue she will soon overtake Randy Andy as the most disliked Royal.

Of course, in Hollywood, they view things differently. Over there Roman Polanski is a hero and they love Meghan. Back in Britain, outside of the BBC, we have a different take on both nonces – and nonce abettors – and Meghan.  

But Meghan and Dimbo have convinced themselves they are the victims here and so the more their poll ratings sink, the more they will seek to explain and justify themselves with more self-pity, smears and lies. It is a vicious circle. Hang in there Andy: it won’t be long before you are not the most hated member of the family.

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Tom Winnifrith is the editor of When he is not harvesting olives in Greece, he is (planning to) raise goats in Wales.
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