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Reasons to defund the BBC Number 789 – The anti lockdown march that did not happen and the disinformation correspondent

Tom Winnifrith
Monday 26 April 2021

Sometimes it is what the BBC does say that marks it out as not fit for purpose. Think its wildly partial coverage of the Brexit debate or perhaps of its collective take a knee not to the idea of racial justice but to the extremist and corrupt BLM organisation, which even most black folk think racially divisive. But sometimes it is what it refuses to cover that makes the case to #defundthe BBC so clear cut. Did you know that there was a demonstration in London this weekend? You will not have done so if you watched the BBC.

On twitter some of its correspondents made the odd comment. “Disinformation Correspondent” – I kid you not, George Orwell would be truly proud – Marianna Spring said that “ a few thousand” demonstrators gathered in London she also said that “Anti-lockdown protesters – predominantly organised in Telegram channels promoting conspiracy theories about vaccines and pandemic are marching in Central London.”  Jeepers the Ministry of Truth needs to give Marianna a pay rise.

Anyone on twitter knows this march was not organised via secret Telegram groups as Marianna states. It was all over twitter.  And if you looked at the placards, listened to the chants, watched folks being interviewed these were not anti vaccine cranks or covid deniers. These were large numbers of ordinary folks from across the UK who do not support lockdown or mask wearing. The near elimination of covid in the UK has nothing to do with masks and lockdown which have not worked anywhere but everything to do with vaccination. As such these are folks who see no reason for measures that tell us who to meet, what to wear and which cause job loss, mental distress and worse.

Of course there were some cranks there but most folks were just normal decent people and there were lost of them. At a minimum tens of thousands. Which then begs the question why did this march unlike many much smaller marches against statues or as part of the BLM campaign get any coverage at all from the BBC? In this, it is what the BBC does not say as much as the disinformation  ( aka #fakenews) from its disinformation correspondent which gives us yet another reason to #defundthebbc

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