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BBC – more fake news: the Georgia Senate Race, the liberal media reacts to impending mid-term red wave

Tom Winnifrith
Wednesday 2 November 2022

About a week ago, BBC Radio 4 turned its attention to the Georgia Senate race. This is one of the battleground Senate contests, Democrat incumbent Raphael Warnock facing a challenge from ex American football star Herschel Walker for the Republicans. The mid terms are going to be bleak for the Dems and the BBC is wetting its knickers, running frit.

The Republicans will seize control of the House meaning impeachment hearings for the Biden crime family allowing Americans to learn about all the horrors the media supressed discussion of in 2020. And the Senate will, I suggest, also fall to the GOP but it will be tight.  Georgia is a kety battleground contest.

The reporter – whose bloated salary you and I must pay – reported in detail on the race. Actually, she didn’t. She just banged on about how Walker is a social conservative and anti abortion and then repeatedly pushed the stories that he had, in times gone by, paid ex-lovers to have an abortion. That is a fair line of reporting – and I suspect true –  but to present it as a balanced discussion of the race was a tad harsh. But the real crime against journalism here was the claim made that Warnock is narrowly ahead in the polls.

For at the time of broadcast that was not true. He had lagged in the three most recent polls and the trailing rolling average of polls had him almost two points behind. Since the there has been one poll showing the Dem ahead (a rogue?) ands another showing a GOP lead. The trailing average is now Walker (GOP) +1.6%. So that was just fake news. Was it because:

a) the BBC likes to report lies, fake news
b) the reporter was useless or just making it up?

Natch, there has been no correction though the error was pointed out to the show (by me).  Of course for Radio 4 to report that the anti-abortion, ultra conservative, candidate is losing will comfort its dwindling audience but it is just not true.

With six days to go this race is too close to call. But if Georgia goes Republican, the GOP needs to win just two more of the remaining toss up six to be running the Senate as well as the House. I’d hope that Nevada and Wisconsin will be enough and the polls there look good for the read team. In Pennsylvania the incumbent Dem is seriously ill and utterly bombed a TV debate last week and it may well swing to the GOP as well.

New Hampshire is tightening fast but I suspect that it, Washington and Arizona will remain Democrat. But that would still leave a 52:48 GOP majority, a hammer blow to President Biden. Naturally, the prospect of this and a crushing win for the Republicans in the House is causing the liberal media all sorts of problems. Some are coming down with #TrumpDerangementSyndrome. Others like Radio 4 just make things up to make themselves feel better.

Why do my taxes go to pay the wages of the reporters who cant get even the basic facts right?

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