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Kylie Morris on C4 News: "racist" Trump & the Hispanics, a new low point for lefty British Media

Tom Winnifrith
Wednesday 24 February 2016

I have noted before how Kylie Morris, the US correspondent for Channel 4 News is perhaps the dopiest, most out of touch liberal left reporter going. This woman makes the BBC look balanced. But we can now show Kylie hitting a new low as she points out what a vile racist Donald Trump is.

Two days before the Nevada primary Kylie filed a long piece on how hispanics voters in Nevada were shunning Trump. After searching really hard all day Kylie managed to find just one Latino voter who was voting for Trump, a Vietnam vet who Kylie was thus able to expose as a weirdo. In Kylie world, latinos shared her view that Trump was a racist and none were backing him.

Now the Nevada results are in. Trump got 44% while his two closest rivals - both half Cuban - got 24.5% (Rubio) and 22% (Cruz). That was among all Republican voters. Among hispanics Trump scored 44%, Rubio 29% and Cruz 18% which means that the supposed racist scored as well among hispanics as among white voters securing almost 1 in 2 Hispanic Republicans. Cruz appears to be even less liked by hispanics than he is by whites. Maybe he is half racist? Kylie can you explain?

Of course Kylie boasts that she lives inside the Beltway and thus her Washington liberal elite narrative is that all hispanics are poor brown folks who think Republicans generally are racist and so are default Democrats.

The reality is that large numbers of Latinos have ignored Democrats who urge them to portray themselves as victims of racism and give up and have instead worked hard, lived the Americam dream and thus, as affluent, tax-paying, God fearing folks are now registered Republicans and are are very open indeed to the Trump message.

Kylie in her patronising liberal way just assumed that brown folks would be poor. She did not seek out any rich latinos of whom there are many. And that is why British viewers were told that it was impossible to find any Latinos voting for the racist Trump when in fact the Trumpster stormed the Latino vote.

At what point will Channel 4 News accept that whilst Kylie's take on life might fit in well with their snearing liberal values, her failure to report anything like the truth is just getting a tad too obvious and that she needs to be replaced by someone marginally less stupid?

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