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Beltway Kylie Morris and British Liberal Media have you seen the Trump landslide news from New York? Apology time?

Tom Winnifrith
Wednesday 20 April 2016

Beltway liberal Kylie Morris of C4 News led the British liberal media, after Wisconsin, in saying Donald Trump's campaign had problems. Less partial commentators (me) suggested we wait for the New York Primary where rump would win big. Kylie covered that contest by interviewing rapid Democrats saying what a stinking racist Trump was or, yesterday, the craziest man she could find among Trump supporters - a religous nutter from Long Island blowing a ram's horn and misquoting the Old Testament. C4 viewers could be under no illussion: Trump had no mainstream support in New York State. Well here are the actual numbers from the primary.

Trump 60.5% and 89 delegates, Kasich 25.1% and 3 delegates while Cruz, the candidate the Country Club establishment want to foist on the GOP got just 14.5% of the vote and no delegates.

So what do we know now? Kylie may not have worked this out but some of us did long ago: Cruz is unelectable and now has no credibility at all. Moreover Trump attracts not just obvious lunatics but actually vast numbers of normal New Yorkers flocked to vote for him. Although hundreds of thousands of normal human beings in New York City as well as upstate voted for him, Beltway Kylie failed to find even one of them in the week she spent in NY ahead of the poll. So C4 viewer might be rather surprised by the result, a landslide for the Donald.

If Trump follows this with a huge win in Pennsylvania, which he will, and then moves on to win in California, where Kylie will interview a stack of Hollywood liberals who would rather commit hari kiri than vote in a Republican primary as she covers the Republican primary declaring everyone here hates Trump, he is going to be darn close to getting the GOP nomination on a first ballot.

GOP voters clearly want Trump as their candidate. Should he not quite make it on the first ballot and party elders stitch up the convention to foist upon supporters a candidate they do not want, the Donald will run as an Independent. The establishment does not like the insurgency and there is a lot not to like about Trump but it is the Country Club losers like McCain and Romney who are out of step with Republican opinion not Trump. What is happening is called democracy, something Republicans used to believe in as a matter of faith. Its time that some of the party elders remembered that.

Now Kylie, when will you start apologising for your coverage which remains so utterly partisan and misleading that you really should be working for the BBC. Your beltway prejudices are wasted on C4 where I suffer a nightly torture just to Fiske your reports but am probably a reasonable percentage of your regular viewers.

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