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Keira Knightley today's patronising multi millionaire luvvie bitch to bash Brexit

Tom Winnifrith
Tuesday 14 June 2016

So how does immigration affect multi millionairess luvvie Keira Knightley? Is she facing longer lines to get treatment on the NHS? Is there downward pressure on her wages? What about problems getting housing at affordable rates? Er no: it just means more cheap labour at her fave posh restaurants in London. Luvvie Keira and others in the 1% have no concept at all about how the EU affects those of us in the 99% , young or old.

Today Keira has released a video for the Remain camp in which she urges young people to vote to stay in the EU and "to stop others fucking with your future" . Ooooooh a bit of bad language, that is going to help you relate to young people is it not? What a patronising bitch.

Keira has not got a scoobie about how the EU impacts on young people across Britain. She can patronise them as much as she wants but the polls suggest that Ms Knightley's elegant and well thought out contribution to the debate is not having much of an impact.

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