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40,000 very silly young people #marchforeurope. Oh no they don't

Tom Winnifrith
Saturday 2 July 2016

As the earnest young people, mostly loathsome students, gather in London today they claim that they march for Europe. it sounds good to be an internationalist showing solidarity with a whole continent. MarchfortheEU does not sound quite so good. The EU is after all, as even its supporters in the remain campaign admitted, inefficient, corrupt and far from perfect. Moreover it is loathed across the continent.

Switzerland has just withdrawn its application to join. In France, Austria, Greece, Italy, Holland, Sweden and Denmark there are growing calls for their own referendum and signs that in many of those countries folks will vote to leave. For what these young people fail to see is that across Europe there is a widespread feeling that the EU serves an business, bankster, media and political establishment very well but for the ordinary Joe, for the 99% it sucks.

Here in Greece, youth unemployment is 60%. It would be far higher but for the mass emigration of our young people to places where there are jobs. Pensioners now have to live on £9 a day. And that is down to the EU and scorched earth economic policies imposed on this country. Can the young folks in London imagine living in a place where only 2 in 10 young folks can find work without having to emigrate? Are they really supportive of an institution that has caused such wholesale misery to the people of the Hellenic Republic but also to poor Spaniards, Italians and others? Are they marching in support of the body that has completey buggered Greece and its people?

The middle class young people are so blinkrered and ignorant that they fail to see the revulsion at the EU across Europe. What they also appear to fail to understand is democracy. In the biggest popular poll in British history we voted to leave the EU. We Brexiteers won and the 40,000 need to get over it. Moreover, not only did we win the vote, history has already shown that the campaign run by Dodgy Dave Cameron and the former drug dealer Will Straw was fundamentally dishonest. It was based on lies.

We were told that Brexit would lead to thre stockmarket falling by 20%. It has risen. We were told it would cause interest rates to rise. The lying scumbag Mark Carney, who should be sacked as he Governor of he Bank of England for his part in Project Fear, has now admitted that this is not going to happen and indeed the next move in rates is likely to be a fall. We were told that companies such as HSBC would relocate. They have said they were staiyng. Banks like JP Morgan, or was it Morgan Stanley, said there would be mass layoffs at once. There have been none. We were told food would be more sharply expensive to buy. It is not.

We the people were told lie after lie after lie by a campaign run by the establishment for the establishment. Goldman Sachs bankrolled the drug dealer Straw's efforts in the Remain campaign. Of course, "Straw the Draw" as he wa sknown at school, only has a career because he is the son of the war criminal Jack. That is how the establishment looks after its own. Big business claimed (wrongly) it spoke for all businesses. BT told its staff how to vote. Dodgy Dave used taxpayers cash to publish more lies.

But the people of Britain saw through all of this and voted for Brexit. So now Remainers need new lies as the old ones were shown to be lies. So we are now told that Brexit won because it apealed to racists or because people were too stupid to understand the issues. Not content with smearing the leaders of the campaign as they did prior to June 23 and Independence Day, now supporters of Remain are happy to smear 52% of the population, 17 million of their fellow Britons.

The silly young people today will insist that the 17 million are just insular little Englanders. Au contraire. Many of us want to be global citizens. It is wonderful to see countries such as New Zealand and Australia and even the US ( despite what Obama threatened) who have failed to do trade deals with fortress Europe rushing to do deals with Britain as it prepares for freedom. We can be part of a free trading free spirited world community, able to import food from Africa without the tarfiffs the EU imposed to keep Africans in poverty and to push up the cost of food in Europe.

We can decide who we let into the UK: those with skills we want and those really fleeing persecution not just those who will come to force down wages for the lowest paid or who like our generous benefits. In the new era we will let in more deserving people with darker skins and few underserving ones with white skins. That is called being a really good global citizen, it is anything but racist.

And that desire to be a global citizen, rather than a servant of the inward looking decaying EU project, is shared by many of our fellow Europeans. The banksters at Goldman, big business, the BBC and the war criminal Blair may prefer life inside fortress EU but across Europe folks want to escape as we have just done. They yearn for their own vote, for democracy, for the people being able to tell the establishment what to do and not the other way round.

But 40,000 silly young people don't support democracy. Todya they are not marching for Europe. They are mnarching for a political construct that serves the interests only of the establishment. And they are marching against democracy.

What a sad and silly bunch of losers.

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