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Are you the sort of Christian who spends all of Ramadan praying at your local mosque?

226 days ago

…empty pews of the Church of England.  And in Syria , where most refugees claim to come from, now … it clear that a Christian has nothing to fear in Syria and stick any convert on the first flight back to …


About all those offering Afghan migrants a home – a tale from my wife’s church

307 days ago

…never actually quite got around to taking in a Syrian but the important thing is that we all know that …


Cancelled by the Wokerati: Youthful error - odd one out contest

390 days ago

…era are: East London pin-up now resident in Syria Shamima Begum, LA Resident Harry Windsor, now ex … join ISIS, tip up her UK passport and head off to Syria to watch folks being decapitated but has since …


Now my woke friends here is your 3 part Pride Month in the Middle East quiz!

393 days ago

…demonstrations will take place in Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Iran, Saudi, the Gulf States and Iraq? Hint, it …


Kevin Maguire a St Georges Day knobhead in action on a day I celebrate by trying to get Northern Ireland tickets

435 days ago

…Serbia, Greece, Bulgaria, Portugal, Spain, Syria, the West Bank and in various spots in Africa. …


The Syrian Kurds saved after betrayal by the West: Putin and Assad the good guys, told y’all

992 days ago

…and our political leaders have told us all that Syria is simple. ISIS are the really bad guys but … Moderates” by David Cameron, the Free Syrian Army, the FSA. Those of us, like myself or the … in the region. Okay it’s a low bar but in Syria under Assad women could wear what they wanted, … Assad has gradually regained control of most of Syria. And guess what? When Assad is back in charge of … for FSA fighters to invade Kurdish controlled Syria. Civilians have been slaughtered, journalists …


General Knowledge Quiz – which country are most Syrian refugees heading to right now?

1228 days ago

…widely in the Western Media for it is …. Syria.  Yup the refugees are heading home from … yet more arms and cash over to "the moderates", Syria can rebuild and is doing so with thousands of … to entertain baying crowds. And who cannot go to Syria because they will have to answer for their … Now that the West is butting out, ordinary Syrians are voting with their feet. Will our leaders …


Christmas in Syria – the story the guilty Western Media cannot bear to broadcast

1277 days ago

…is not a high risk activity? It is of course Syria. Well parts of Syria. Those small pockets still … controlled by President Assad and in that part of Syria and in the Kurdish regions (whose troops in … countries in the West to see scenes of joy in Syria as our co-religionists celeberate our shared … and the Western press who have lied to us about Syria, that RT serves up fake news.  The footage … That is fake news. ISIS was able to flourish in Syria because the Assad regime was under a well funded …


Putting the vicar straight after his factually challenged midnight mass sermon

1283 days ago

…example and I could not fault him. He then cited Syria. I shook my head. He was talking rubbish. After a … said I, “regarding your sermon and Syria…you are aware that the ruling tribe in … Syria are the Alawites who are in fact a tiny minority? … is it not a touch ironic given your slating of Syria's rulers, that it is only under Alawite …


Gas attack on Aleppo – where’s the wall to wall outrage from the BBC & liberal media and the political elites?

1315 days ago

…to wall media coverage to bomb President Assad of Syria whenever the Islamofascist terrorists he is … 2012 so creating the Civil war that has made Syria what it is today. It is “our guys” in …

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