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The Liberal Media Establishment shamed & discredited again over FBI and Clinton emails

Tom Winnifrith
Sunday 30 October 2016

You may remember that for much of this year some journalists outside the mainstream established press questioned the health of Hillary Clinton. The mainstream media refused to cover it, stating that it was not an issue and that we were just mad right wing "bloggers". In MSM talk blogger means online writer who earns his living writing for a profitable enterprise. A journalist is paid by a loss making older media grouping that is losing readers. Anyhow, enough about folks like me who enjoy rising readership and run profitable businesses while er... enough said.

Then on 9/11 the crooked one collapsed and the story she spun did not stack up. Cough cough...the MSM briefly started to admit there was a bit of an issue but then buried that current story as it got hold of some Trump tapes from 2005.

Over the summer the FBI concluded an enquiry into Hillary's email habits and said there was no case to answer. Again, we deranged crazy right wingers questioned that as more and more evidence emerged saying there was an issue and as more and more folks within the FBI let it be known that they thought there was a very real case against Clinton. Again the MSM did not report this other than to blame any "noise" on Russia and deranged right wing bloggers.

Now once again we deranged deplorables have been vindicated. And despite initial spin on the liberal media that the new information the FBI has is from Russian hacking it is now clear that it is from its own work investigating how the husband of Hillary's closest aide was trying to get inside the knickers of a 15 year old girl.

The liberal media establishment would rather not cover this event which is clearly the biggest story in the world this weekend. Thus Saturday's Guardian did not make it the front page lead. Imagine if it had been Trump under an FBI probe?

Thereafter the reporting has followed a number of approaches. Firstly we are told that this is not going to change the way folks vote and that Hillary maintains a big lead. Unfortunately this is just a palpable lie on both counts as I explained earlier HERE

So the MSM then moved on to suggest that the FBI was biased and to repeat Hillary's demands that it publish all the evidence now. What sweet irony. This is the woman who refused to hand over emails even when faced with a subpoena, who tried to destroy 33,000 emails though she had been ordered not to, suddenly demanding the FBI publish emails which her closest aide had on her PC for months? Do you not see the irony? The MSM does not.

This is the FBI which the Dems were praising in the summer as it cleared Hillary. Back then it was an impartial body staffed by fine Americans. Now that has all changed for the Dems. Just imagine that evidence had emerged about Trump, the FBI had been duty bound to investigate and had NOT revealed this having gone on the record saying that it had checked out Trump previously and found no case to answer. In such circumstances the Dems would have screamed "cover-up" as would the liberal media. But its Hillary so again a double standard applies.

Mrs Clinton knows full well that the FBI cannot release evidence half way through an investigation. That would prejudice the result. So she screams that the FBI must do just that and that its refusal to pervert the course of justice is evidence that she has no case to answer and that this is a stitch up. Such a narrative is so utterly ludicrous that no-one in America believes it. Yet that is exactly the narrative that the MSM is trying to run.

It simply will not wash. As I noted the other day, HERE, the big loser from this campaign is the mainstream liberal elitist media whose credibility has been shot to pieces. More trust with ordinary Americans has been destroyed and more readers lost to those of us who base our viable business models on simply telling the truth.

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