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Jon Snow and Little Matt at Channel 4 Fake News cream themselves as Naomi Klein spouts golden liberal shit to plug her new book

Tom Winnifrith
Monday 3 July 2017

She has a book to plug so best selling harpie Naomi Klein is doing the rounds of the liberal media to talk about what a complete bastard Donald Trump is. Okay she is Canadian but the accent is good enough, she is THE expert one needs to talk US politics. On Channel 4 Fake News, where they make up quotes by Donald Trump to show what a racist he is, Jon, "I hate the fucking Tories" Snow was asking the soft questions. Purring from the sidelines was Matt Frei who likes to accuse black vicars of being racist for supporting Trump.

The conversation turned to how people in Middle America, the flyover states, could bring themselves to vote for Trump. And to so do in droves. Snow boasted that he had been there! Cripes Glasto, New York, LA and then the flyover states. Next they will be sending the great metropolitan liberal to spend a week on a council estate in in Rochdale. Naomi looked impressed - Jon seemed to have survived his encounter with horrible, god fearing, gun owning, hard working and patriotic Americans unscathed.

They discussed Trump rolling back Obamacare, something that most Americans support because President Hopey Change's mad scheme does not help the poor but costs ordinary folks an arm and a leg. But while most Americans want Obamacare rolled back which is one reason the Donald lives where he does today, that does not impress Naomi at all. FFS Next these disgusting rednecks will want America to have real jobs rather than exporting them to Mexico or China. Naomi is convinced that what folks in the sort of states in America's heartland that she would not visit without getting her jabs first, wanted is more than Obamacare "they want an NHS but one that is properly funded."

Oh yes, the world's third largest employer, the financial black hole that gave you Mid Staffs, Harold Shipman, the deaths at Bristol kids hospital and natch hair removal operations for transexuals on demand. It's Obamacare on Steroids. The polls - either opinion polls or that glorious poll of last November, the one where Naomi would have voted for the losing candidate had she not been an Alien, show most Americans wanted, at best Obamacare light, very few wanted a US NHS. But heck, Naomi knows better than the great unwashed. Millionaire liberals from the Coasts always do, especially those who have lived their entire lives in the leafy groves of academia and journalism.

Natch Snow did not challenge Klein's assertion that Americans really want their very own Mid Staffs. She said it. He has not met anyone who would think otherwise apart from a few folks on his brief tour of the flyover states and he has tried to forget that mixing with the great unwashed. So it was just left in the air as a fact. That's Channel 4 Fake News for you.

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