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Channel 4 News - Fake News from Israel

Tom Winnifrith
Saturday 15 July 2017

As the flagship fake news liberal elitist broadcaster in London it is no surprise that Channel 4 hates the State of Israel with a passion. And to that end the channel that just loves its fake news had a field day yesterday as three Palestinians opened fire on security guards at the sacred Islamic site, the old Temple. The terrorists were shot and killed but not before they had killed two Israeli guards.

As it happens those guards were from the Druze community. The Druze are an offshoot of Islam but most Moslems regard them as heretics. Thus they have almost since the start of the Israeli state sides with the evil Jews. The fight in the army, the air force, sit in the Knesset and are 100% pro Israel. It is self interest - if Hamas gets its way and fulfils the aims of its charter and sweeps the Jews into the sea, the Druze will almost certainly suffer the same genocidal fate.

The way that most Arabs who live within 1948 borders and thus have full Israeli nationality are enthusiastic supporters of the State of Israel is something Channel 4 is unlikely to dwell upon. Instead its reporter noted that the old City of east Jerusalem was "occupied by Israel 50 years ago and then annexed."

Hmmm so this small plot of land with its Jewish quarter, its Muslim quarter, its Christian Quarter and its Armenian quarter was owned by whom beforehand? As it happens it was ruled by Jordan although like the Weest Bank there were almost no Jordanians actually living there. But the wicked Jews occupied it and annexed it right?

Er...roll back to 1967 and the six day war. The Egyptians threatened to close off access to Israeli ports. Israel said it would treat that attempt to isolate it as an act of war. Egypt massed troops and planes on the Israeli border and moved to close the shipping lanes. At that point the Israeli Air Force went into action and attacked the Egyptian Air Force on the ground thereby gaining air superiority and allowing ground forces to push the Egyptian army back in chaos, capturing both Gaza and Sinai. At that point Egypt appealed to its fellow Arabs.

Syrian tanks rolled down from the Golan heights and started heading round the Sea of Galilee but the Israeli's held them off at a Kibbutz near the river Jordan. And then the Israeli Air Force knocked out the Syrian Air Force on the ground and as free troops arrived Israel went on the offensive eventually capturing the Golan Heights, mountains from which Syria used to shell Israeli civilians with impunity.

In Jerusalem, Jordanian forces started attacking the Jewish quarter of the old City and then West (Israeli) Jerusalem. Almost 1000 civilians were injured or killed and targets included hospitals and the Knesset. Israel was by now fighting on three fronts and was stretched but it hit back as best it could before more Jewish civilians were slaughtered just for being Jews. In due course air power was again the key and by the end of this brief conflict the Jordanians had been pushed back across the river Jordan, the West Bank and the Old City of Jerusalem were no longer in their hands.

So the FACTS are that Jordan attacked Israel and also Jewish civilians living within its control in the Old City. Israel responded not by attacking civilians but by attacking those who were attacking civilians. And it drove them back. Does C4 really think that after that Israel should have simply invited the Kingdom of Jordan who has no legitaimate claim to the Old City, to finish off its Jew Killing? Really?

So in this brief history lesson I recount what actually happened but you would not have guessed it from the language Channel 4 Fake News uses as it simply attempts to rewrite history. Like so many on the left these days C4 believes that if you tell a lie often enough about historical fact then in the end the lie becomes truth. 

The shamed broadcaster then went onto quote a Palestinian spokesman from the West Bank who referred to "Zionist invaders." Israelis sure but Zionists is he 100% certain of that? Did C4 fake News ask him to justify that assertion? Of course it did not.

As I have noted elsewhere, Zionist is the way Jew haters describe Jews in their invective these days. In its coverage of yesterday's events, its rewriting of history, Channel 4 is an ideal medium for those whose driving force is the hatred of the Jews. Either through ignorance it malice it simply ignore the historic facts as it reports its fake news

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