Weeping Woke web warrior Claira Janover blames Trump supporters for job loss after threatening to stab people

Tom Winnifrith Thursday 2 July 2020


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She is a lucky young lady that Claira. A Harvard graduate, a great job waiting for her with accountants Deloitte, and then she goes and posts a video on the internet saying repeatedly that she will stab any white person who says that all lives matter. Their “sheer caucasity” enrages her as you can see below. Maybe at Harvard, these days “caucasity” is a real word. How times change.

I agree with Clara that folks making that statement are either thick in not understanding what black lives matter means or prejudiced (or both) but, notwithstanding this, threatening to kill folks is not very pleasant. I am not sure I’d want to employ someone who does that sort of thing. Freedom of speech should allow one to say whatever one wants although if there are limits, Ms Janover might just have breached them. But freedom also means that employers can withdraw job offers to folks who behave in this way.

Indeed, Deloitte has now withdrawn its job offer. A weepy Claira has now again taken to the internet saying that Trump supporters ruined her live. You see folks shared Ms Janover’s video and Deloitte saw it and recoiled.

The blind assumption n that anyone who disagrees with Janover’s outrageous comments must be a Trump supporter, you know some sort of alt right Hitler worshipping freak, shows how out of touch Ms Janover is. I guess life inside the privileged liberal Harvard bubble does that to you.  If Janover ventured out into main street America where the “ordinary folks” live she would find that almost everyone thinks that stabbing people is a bad thing that we can all, irrespective of political belief or colour, agree is wrong.

But it is also the sense of entitlement here which is so offensive. Why should an employer be forced to hire anyone let alone someone who behaves in this way? Watch Claira’s cheerleaders on twitter rant at Deloitte and at the “Trump supporters” for it is they who are to blame for Ms Janover’s looming unemployment. You and I know that there is only one author of her downfall and that is herself.

I suggest that, only when she comes to accept that, will she start to become employable in the wicked capitalist world once again. Until then, I am sure that numerous NotForProfits, NGOs and other folks also suffering from acute  #TrumpderangementSyndrome will be lining up to give this privileged child a cushy well paying job.

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