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BBC & John Humphries squirming on the Brexit EU cash for NHS - it was a delicious torture

Tom Winnifrith
Friday 15 April 2016

My favourite German leftie, Gisela Stuart, a Labour MP for some rat infested bit of Birmingham wasteland, was on The Today programe today explaining why we should all vote to leave the EU.

At one level she pointed out that if we were not members of the Evil Empire we would have an extra £350 million a week more to spend on the NHS. Our "contributions" she argued could be better spent at home. This got presenter John Humphries in a tangle which was a delight to behold as the old lefty just tied himself up in knots.

Rather lazily, and without thinking it through, Mr Humphries told Ms Stuart that we had been in the EU for years and no-one was saying that the NHS was not in good shape so why would things be better out? There was a short silence as Mr Humphries realised what he had said. For six years the entire BBC has been running with a narrative of how the wicked and evil Tories are starving the poor NHS of cash becuase they hate poor people and saintly doctors and want to see the former all dying and the latter staying on the poverty line.

Of course this is complete rubbish. If only the Tories would stop pouring cash down the bottomless pit. Instead spending, on what is the world's third largest employer, has risen in real terms every single year under the wicked and evil Tories. But the BBC has stuck to its basic story about the NHS irrespective of the truth or facts. But suddenly old Humphries had deviated from the party line.

Quickly he realised that he had sinned and, having no desire to find himself presenting the morning show for BBC Tyne & Wear, he started gabbling on about how many people do think the NHS is in real trouble and needs more money.

Well luckily charming Gisela has an idea of how to fund it but that means leaving the EU. Cripes, Humphries was all over the shop. It was almost worth my license fee to hear those twenty seconds when the BBC squirmed collectively after the Humphries gaffe.

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