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The Daily Mail's Disgusting racist slur on Vote Leave

Tom Winnifrith
Sunday 5 June 2016

In today's Mail on Sunday journalist Simon Walters produced what, he terms, a "candid" exclusive interview with Dodgy Dave Cameron in which lyin' Dave says absolutelty nothing new at all. But it is the front page splash from Mr Walters that shames his paper and shows that a panicking Remain Campaign will stoop to anything. The Mail claims Vote Leave has been "infiltrated" by Nazis.

Infiltration has a clear meaning in British politics. It means gaining membership in an organised and covert manner with a view to securing power. The Militant Tendency infiltrated Labour. On the other hand the Mail has manged to provide evidence that exactly seven nazis are handing out flyers for Vote Leave. it tops this up with a few quotes from a racist online chat room from Nazis who support Brexit.

I do not doubt for a second that the seven folk mentioned are loathsome racist and jew hating pigs. They are scum but to say that them handing out flyers, not setting policy, organising a campaign or anything close to having any power, just handing out leaflets is evidence of infiltration is laughable.

Vote Leave like Remain is a cross party group. I am sure that if you wanted to you could dig out some fairly unsavoury chaps in Remain. You might also note that the Jew hating Al-Qaeda sympathising nutters of Respect are supporting Vote Leave. I'm pretty sure that one could find evidence of at least eight George Galloway diehards handing out flyers for Vote Leave. But they are not infiltrating either, Vote Leave is not a party, it will never gain power, but the Mail knows all that but runs the story anyway.

I note that Vote Leave has 51,000 followers on twitter, I am not sure how many folks have signed up to assist it but it is in the tends of thousands. And the Mail thinks that finding seven Nazis among those tens of thousands of supporters is worthy of a front page splash on "infiltration?"

Where did Mr Walters get his "evidence" and photos from, I wonder? Might running this smear just be the quid pro quo for getting that exclusive "candid" interview with Dodgy Dave? Of course it is. Let the Mail deny that it received any assistance from folks linked to Project Fear with this disgusting piece of hatchet journalism. It won't as it can't.

Cameron, having studied philosophy at Oxford, knows full well the logical flaw in the following sentence: "some frogs have red spots, this animal has red spots so he must be a frog". Just because a handful of Nazis support Brexit it does not mean that all Brexit supporters are Nazis. But the dog whistle use of the word "infiltration" is designed to smear by association.

This article a sign of utter desperation by Dodgy Dave and Project Fear. They now lag in the polls, Vote Leave has momentum and is surging, Boris & Priti Patel knocked them for six on immigration last week and while Michael Gove had a great Sky interview on Friday, Cameron crashed and burned. Project Fear is losing the argument on sovereignty, it is not trusted by anyone, it has lost the immigration debate and is slipping on the economy as folks realise that blaming Brexit for everything is nonsense. Cameron and his colleagues are now realising that they could actually lose on June 23 and so they rope in a corrupt member of the media "in-crowd" to run the lowest and most despicable of hatchet jobs.

When Project Fear sinks to this level, one hopes that the electorate will react by rejecting all that it stands for on principle. For this smear job is a tacit acceptance that it has now lost all the real arguments.

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