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Britain and America have Kurdish blood on our hands - yet the BBC covers it up

Tom Winnifrith
Thursday 1 September 2016

Last week the Americans held a press conference in Turkey in which the USA warned the brave Kurds (its ally) to stop besieging an ISIS held town of Jarablus and to allow the tanks of the fascist President Erdogan to cross the border to take control. That was bad enough but what followed has been far worse and our media, notably the BBC, has done nothing in the face of Orwellian lies and betrayal.

The brave Kurds let the Turks take control. The Turks then promptly handed the town to Islamofacist elements of the "Free Syrian Army" who last cropped up on our radar a few weeks ago when beheading a 12 year old boy in the back of a pick up truck for, allegedly, supporting President Assad. Hmmmmm, what nice Al-Qaeda backing Islamofacist pals we all have these days.

The Kurds meanwhile withdrew as ordered leaving the town - which contains a sizeable - and now at risk - Kurdish population in the hands of some very unpleasant people. So what happened next? Naturally, Turkish planes and tanks moved out of the town to attack villages inhabited by and held by the Kurds ( our allies). Within a couple of days 35 Kurds, both soldiers and civilians, had been killed. And the response of President Obama's America, supported by our own Government? A request that BOTH sides uphold a ceasefire?

Hell's teeth, the Kurds are being attacked in their own villages by Turkey which, in attacking civilians is almost certainly committing war crimes, and yet the Kurds are being ordered to observe a ceasefire by the West. That is almost Orwellian. The BBC reported this matter of fact request by the West without, for a second, questioning what was actually going on.

Until last week the only contribution Turkey had made to the war in Syria was in buying oil from ISIS and allowing supplies to get through to both ISIS but, to a far greater extent, to the Al-Qaeda dominated Free Syrian Army. Occasionally it had bombed Kurdish villages just for fun. But now with the explicit sanction of the West it is going further in its war against the Kurds.

Turkey & the monster Erdogan are part of the regional problem not the solution. The sooner the West realises that and stops giving it carte blanche for ethnic cleansing the better. As things stand the West has betrayed a loyal ally, the one grouping in Syria that is decent, democratic and tolerant. President Obama, John Kerry, Theresa May and Brois Johnson all now have the blood of innocent Kurds on their hands. Our country, "Great" Britain stands shamed. 

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