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Photo Article from the Greek Hovel - I'm happy to pinch ideas as a magnificent new doorway takes shape

19 August 17

…of ideas moves down the coast to the house that Paddy Leigh Fermor built just outside Kardimili. A thick wooden door …


Photo Article: Maybe not see you in a Greek Court Bitchez - as Paddy says, 1% of Greeks are bastards

15 June 17

…It is the father who goes to show that, as ever, Paddy Leigh Fermor has the Greeks nailed. 99% of Greeks are the …


Photo Article: Back in Kardamili with the Mrs - More global warming and mixed feelings

8 May 17

…by the Sea. Partly because it was home to Paddy Leigh Fermor and partly becuase it is just incredibly pretty, …


Good Greek bad Greek at Athens airport

16 April 17

…I have remarked many times before on Paddy Leigh Fermor's good Greek bad Greek thesis. 99% of Greeks are …


The Bridge over the gorge - I date it and Dad & I work out why it is that old

15 February 17

…the famous incident, recounted in full by Paddy Leigh Fermor in his book The Mani, when their women …


Photo article: Visiting the old bridge underneath double murder bridge of Kambos

14 February 17

…their temporary resting place. I thought also of Paddy Leigh Fermor finding a dead body on a dry river bed as he …


Photo article: A new bridge is spotted under the double murder bridge near Kambos - I must investigate

14 February 17

…a good time to investigate. When the heroic  Paddy Leigh Fermor walked into the Mani and towards his first stop …


Photo Article - the House of Paddy Leigh Fermor in Kardimili part 4

17 July 16

…away. As does the house of all round superhero Paddy Leigh Fermor which I visited with my wife and my father and …


Visit to Paddy Leigh Fermor's House part 3 - My father holds Court

22 June 16


Paddy Leigh Fermor's House visit part two- yes of course poor people must subsidise the upper middle classes

12 June 16

…fellow like me to gain admittance to the house of Paddy Leigh Fermor here in Kardamili, after much huffing and puffing …

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