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The Orwellian BBC - another good reason to refuse to pay your license today: Ansbach

Tom Winnifrith
Monday 25 July 2016

I have noted HERE that the BBC will do anything it can not to report that a Moslem has killed Westerners in a terror attack. And when it is finally forced to accept that the latest atrocity was (as per usual) committed by an Islamist it makes all sorts of excuses. These days its Orwellian spin is in overdrive but with the Ansbach attack it surpassed itself. Who was the victim? Yes you got it in one did you not? As you can see below...

Reading that story one assumes that the sole victim is a Moslem immigrant. Jeepers it is those old right wing extremists out in force again. I blame Brexit and Boris Johnson. The bomb had nails in it. Shit! Ban nails, as well as axes, lorries and of course guns. What, guns are banned already? Ban them again then. You get the narrative don't you?

Of course the reason the migrant died was that he was a suicide bomber - as some of us "called" rather early on. The real victims were those Germans who got injured. The BBC is simply engaged in Orwellian distortion of the truth and it is so counter-productive. The BBC extracts cash from us via a regressive poll tax, the license fee. Not content with paying vast salaries in "tax efficient" ways to its stars such as Fiona Bruce it then patronises and misleads us with its news coverage. It is today's Pravda.

I work hard to earn far less than folks like Ms Bruce and many other newsroom lefties but ensure that I am paid PAYE. They have opted to get paid in other ways to reduce their tax bill yet day in day out they lecture me as they lecture millions of hard working low earners on PAYE on why the Government should spend more money on this, that and the other. And they also mislead me as we see again today.

When folks in the media talk about how the angry masses rail against the establishment what some of them fail to appreciate, as they are driven back to their multi million quid London residence's, is that they are perceived as being part of the problem. We in the sans culottes know that we are being misled and lied to by folks who are doing very well nicely from the status quo.

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