Harvey Weinstein

548 days ago

Massive Vindication for Tom Winnifrith No 2 - Chill Brands forces to restate results by FRC after TW intervention, letter in full

When I started exposing the fraud at Zoetic, now Chill Brands (CHLL) the shares were 76p. They are now 2.4p and, FWIW, running out of cash again so a sell. The other side fought hard. Seth Freedman – who had harassed Harvey Weinstein’s victims for Harvey - was engaged by a shareholder to threaten, menace and harass me and also two other writers here and a PR girl who is known to be a friend of mine. Shame on Freedman and those who defend him like Evil Knievil. I was not bullied into silence and so, after the massive Worthington vindication earlier, here is another one a, a letter from the Financial Reporting Council.I complained to it about Chill’s accounts. Hey presto, the FRC took action and – as you can see below – forced Chill to restate.


647 days ago

Ben’s Creek: What’s the Story, Margin glory (Not)

Oh, what a roue is that John Story. Breaking lock-ins at Cellular Goods (CBX). Consequently fired from Escape Hunt (ESC). Pumping the Chill Brands fraud with podcast lies, and subsequently engaging with Seth Freedman, of Harvey Weinstein infamy, to harass and menace me. Now, we turn to Ben’s Creek (BEN), the coal promote of disgraced Adam Wilson.


813 days ago

Expose: The King ramping rat, lying, rule breaking John Story starts to abandon the sinking Chill Brands ship

When shares in the fraud Chill Brands (CHLL) surged towards a quid, spiv John Story told folks they were going much higher. He gave ramptastic interviews where he told lies about the company then known as Zoetic (ZOE).  He ostentatiously bought a few more shares. He engaged with the man who helped Harvey Weinstein to silence his victims to harass and troll myself, Gary Newman, Peter Brailey and others to try and scare us away from exposing this con.  But now with the shares barely into double figures Story is bailing. And here’s why.


965 days ago

What if Matt Hancock was gay and Phillip Schofield was straight?

I ask this in a hypothetical sense as Hancock is clearly straight while Schofield is finally being honest about being gay. And I think I know the answer to my question but what do you think?


1075 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - Contacted by 2 bullies within 14 minutes of each other with the same demand: coincidence?

I start by asking you to consider a fat old man walking 27 miles in the rain this Sunday and then to make a donation to Rogue Bloggers for Woodlarks HERE. Then 1 man who harassed victims of Harvey Weinsten for the old pervert and one who discussed having me killed contact me within 14 minutes of each other with an identical demand. Coincidence?  Can I now say #MeToo and that this is all rather unpleasant? Then I discuss Bidstack (BIDS), Nightcap (NGHT) and finally London & Associate Properties (LAS) and my old pal the quite amazing and great Baron Phillips.


1140 days ago

I am a lifelong Republican but if Meghan is the alternative…

I always will be a Republican. I can see no reason why the Royal Family should exist in its current constitutional position. Having said all of that, if there has to be a Monarch, the one we have and her consort Phil the Greek are, without doubt, the best one could wish for. As human beings, they are thoroughly admirable.


2141 days ago

Robert de Niro wins standing ovation from multi-millionaire liberals by saying Fuck Trump: keep going Bob you moron

The Hollywood liberal multi-millionaires havn’t given a standing ovation like the one De Niro got at the Tony’s last night, since the last time they feted the child rapist Roman Polanski on a big stage. Maybe Harvey Weinstein got close as they lauded his contribution to the arts, while all knowing what a monster he was, but that is showbiz for you.


2255 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: you don't sweet talk a journalist by patronising him

I had a call from Amur Minerals (AMC) yesterday to correct my bearish view. I did not appreciate the tone, I'd rather not be lectured.  I explain why I am still short term bearish although also put the company's view. I also explain to the woman dubbed the Harvey Weinstein of European tech, Julie Meyer MBE, why she has yanked the wrong tiger's tail. Elsewhere I comment on Saffron (SRON), Haike Chemical (HAIK) and Graphene Nanochem (GRPH). And now it is off to Greece. God willing tomorrow's podcast will be from Kalamata.


2294 days ago

#Oprah2020 - Bring it On, we deplorables can't wait for someone even better than Hillary

The last tgime longtime Harvey Weinstein apologist Meryl Streep rapturously endorsed someone it was when Roman Polanski - a man who sodomised a 13 year old girl before fleeing the US to escape justice - won an Oscar. Boy that Meryl had great taste. But Meryl's big new endorsement, post the Golden Globes, is of the actress and chat show host Oprah Winfrey to run for US President in 2020 for the Dems. Oh please, as a paid up deplorable, I beg of you make it be true.


2295 days ago

The Golden Globes Multimillionaire Luvvies stink of hypocrisy and don't speak for me or real America

That Hollywood had a major problem with sexual harassment is beyond doubt. That it is starting to clean up its own Augean stable is undoubtedly a very good thing. One hopes that folks like Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey get their just desserts but also that those who were already rich and secure but who put their own careers before principle and said nothing so putting more vulnerable folks at risk are rightly pilloried. I refer to women such as Meryl Streep and Oprah Winfrey. 


2362 days ago

Photo article: Even Harvey Weinstein has some standards

No further comment is needed from me.


2375 days ago

The Real Russia Scandal in American Politics - its the Clintons, Uranium and those pesky mega bribes

As she plugs her tawdry lie packed book "How I lost the election even though I was a brilliant candidate and it was everyone else's fault but I won really" Crooked Hillary Clinton tells every fawning liberal media interviewer in turn that the Russians worked hand in hand with Donald Trump to rig the poll and cheat her out of victory. After nine months of exhaustive investigations and any number of lurid smears not one shred of evidence has been produced to justify this assertion made to and by unquestioning MSM "journalists" . Indeed even the emails coming from the DNC and published by Wikileaks did not come from Russian hacking as Hillary asserts. But this is not the real Russian scandal.


2378 days ago

Waiting for crooked Hillary Clinton on the BBC Women's Hour - are its listener's mad?

Before the Mrs heads off to work, filling the heads of impressionable young folks with left wing nonsense, she switches on BBC Radio 4's Today progamme to ensure that she gains confirmatory bias of her world view. It also ensures that I stay well out her way in the morning. But in an attempt to change the way I think she leaves Pravda blaring at full volume as she leaves. And thus I heard that crooked Hillary was set to be interviewed by Jenny Murray on women's hour as she plugs her ghastly new book yet again.


2379 days ago

Hey Crooked Hillary - about Harvey Weinstein's $250,000 and that $3 million wedding of your brat Chelsea

The Clinton Foundation has today said that it will not be returning a $250,000 donation from a loathsome man who used his position to get sex from young women and is an alleged rapist. No silly, I am not talking about Bill Clinton but his fellow progressive Democrat and erstwhile campaigner for women's rights, Mr Harvey Weinstein. Natch the mainstream liberal media sees nothing wrong in this arguing that all the money was spent on good causes. But that is a lie.


2380 days ago

Is Harvey Weinstein more evil than Herman Goring - justice Hollywood style

After years of pretending they knew nothing the big names of Hollywood have taken action - Harvey Weinstein has been booted out of The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the organisers of the Oscars. That will come as a relief to Roman Polanski (refuses to answer charges of child sex abuse) and Bill Cosby (a spot of bother with sexual harassment allegations) as neither will now have to rub shoulders with Weinstein. Polanski and Cosby retain their memberships.


2382 days ago

#WomenBoycottTwitter - it is hard not to sound like a sexist in the face of such silliness

Starting (natch) in the US women are being urged to boycott twitter for a day because it is sexist, oppressive, full of nasty men who want to exploit them like Harvey Weinstein and Bill Clinton, etc. Okay I made that up about Harvey and Bill. Let's not talk about Democrat rapists and just stick to the narrative that Republican men oppress and Democrats all liberate. Natch it is the left which is pushing this boycott. The wonderful Ann Coulter and, almost as wonderful, Laura Ingraham are not taking part.