Holocaust Memorial day

163 days ago

The Daily Mail shows live footage of Russian soldiers being shot – so what you say? It tells you everything

I am afraid I do not get much of a kick out of one human being killing another. I like to think that we as a species have evolved from the days when we used to go to watch gladiators killing each other or Christians thrown to the Lions. But maybe we have not. Maybe we can “other” certain races and still enjoy those maulings and deaths.


298 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: The rise and fall of Chesterfield Resources - surely it is now bust?

I start with a few thoughts on Holocaust Memorial Day then a few on Warwick School business which I attended to yesterday. Then it is onto Chesterfield Resources (CHFwhere THIS BEARCAST warning of the joke Pacton deal now looks to be very much on the money. I suggest it is bust. Then it is onto Cellular Goods (CBX) and Versarien (VRS).


300 days ago

“Othering,” Holocaust Memorial Day and the Russians

On Holocaust Memorial Day, expert after expert went onto the airwaves to insist that what happened to the Jews started with the “othering” of them as a minority by the Nazis. Othering is a ghastly world created by Guardian reading sociologists, like my wife, but essentially it means depicting as distinct as a precursor to demonisation.


306 days ago

Srebrenica is NOT a holocaust – listening to kids being brainwashed and taught false history in Bradford

On Holocaust Memorial Day I found myself driving through West Yorkshire listening to kids doing a Q&A with teachers and local councillors in Bradford regarding the holocaust: what caused it, what will stop another one and “other holocausts”.  Natch the panel, playing to a local audience, utterly rewrote history as they downplayed what happened to the Jews, equating it to the “holocaust at Srebrenica” where the victims were all Muslims. Rewriting history is the order of the day as I noted earlier.


306 days ago

Banning the Russians from Holocaust Remembrance Day as we rewrite history just as the Nazis did

Its 2023 so everything has to be a political statement about what is happening now, even when it is remembering events of 78 years ago, the liberation of Auschwitz. And so, on Holocaust Remembrance day we all look back and remember.


310 days ago

India Willoughby, Britain's leading transgender activist says their treatment just like the Holocaust

The British state has not shut down 1 trans business. It has not transported one trans person. It has not organised a Kristellnacht for  the trans community or barred trans folks from working in a range of jobs. It has not killed one trans person. It has not denied them equal rights with the 99.6% of the population who don’t identify as trans or the 99.95% who have not had operations to transition. Yet India Willoughby says that, bar the camps, folks like her are being treated as trhe Jews were by the Nazis.


670 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - It is Holocaust Memorial Day again

I start with reflections on how my generation has first hand contact with survivors and victims but young folks do not. Perhaps that is why so many of them are blase about anti-semitism.  Light a candle tonight. We will. Then onto an RNS about me not mentioning me. Optibiotix (OPTI), Eurasia Mining (EUA), Doc Martens (DOCS) and Challenger Energy (CEG). I said I’d mention madness incarnate but forgot to.My reference ws to Wildcat Petroleum (WCAT) , up 28% today at 2.7p valuing a company with sub £200,000 cash and no assets at all at £65 million. Insane. 


1033 days ago

Today's victim of #BrexitDerangementSyndrome is Calista Hebburn. Pray for Calista she is not well.

Natch Calista has a degree (biology) and natch she supports the SNP. In her tweet below, she asks a simple question which marks her out as suffering from a terribly severe case of #BrexitDerangementSyndrome. Pray for Calista, she is not well.


1064 days ago

The Top 30 Most-Read Articles on TomWinnifrith.com in 2020

This rather surprises me. I was convinced that the top 30 would be packed full of waspish, libertarian or anti-woke articles. But it seems that many of the most read pieces on this website are the ones the Mrs thinks no-one reads, about life at the hovels here in Wales but also in Greece. Anyhow, here are my top 30 non financial articles of 2020.


1403 days ago

Photo Article: on #HolocaustMemorial Day a candle burns here in Wales

I wonder if, in places like bourgeois East Oxford where at least one house in every street flies a Palestinian flag all year round, how many candles are burning this Holocaust Memorial Day. I suspect rather more will be burning on Friday as the chattering classes mourn our exit from the European Superstate founded a few years after the last failed attempt at European unification.


1766 days ago

How the Jew haters of the Belfast Palestine Solidarity Campaign celebrated Holocaust Memorial Day - odious bastards

In certain circles Jew hatred is acceptable, as I noted yesterday. Thus on Sunday, while most of us remembered six million Jews laughted by the Nazis some folks made joks equating Israel,  the Jewish state to the Nazis. Words almost fail me when I see the cartoon below.


1767 days ago

Photo Article - Considering Holocaust Memorial Day among fucktard lefties in Glastonbury

As each anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, Holocaust Memorial Day, comes about I find it more and more depressing and painful. I think of the relatives of two of the godparents of my daughter Olaf.


2133 days ago

Podcast - Holocaust Memorial Day, reflections on 4 who escaped who I know or knew

Today is HMD and I reflect on four folks I know or knew who were not killed for various reasons: the author Janos Nyiri - who I remembered here,  my daughter's godfather Joe Levy from Corfu (see here), her godmother Iska and also Moya Carter/Waterfield. I look at more recent examples of genocide and also at the inexplicable acceptance of antisemitism as almost acceptable in some circles today. 


2497 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Corporate lying & using the wrong words: I am sounding like my father

If I sound more like my father that is a good thing for he is honest and precise in his use of language, although he would not use some of the "french phrases" which occur in this podcast. I discuss the use of language and how wording has an exact meaning - this is in relation to Coral Products (CRU) which needs to clarify something. I do not think it is a fraud and it can easily blame its useless Nomad Cairn. After what it has signed off for Cloudtag (CTAG) few will fail to accept such an excuse. I then move onto deliberate lying by AIM Companies which is actually quite rare. Gross over-promotion is quite common. I explain the difference. Cloudtag and Advanced Oncotherapy (AVO) are mentioned in detail in this section. In discussing what is a fact I refer to my article of yesterday on Holocaust Memorial Day which is HERE


2498 days ago

It is Holocaust Memorial day - my thoughts as a candle burns in this house

I once dated a woman who, it turned out, was a holocaust denier. That is to say she started to argue that the numbers had been greatly exaggerated. I ended that relationship on the spot. The problem is that you cannot argue with a denier.

What is a fact? 


2778 days ago

Do most British students hate Jews and back ISIS? Their vile new leader does

Only total losers get involved in the National Union of Students. Your university days should be about sex, drugs, alcohol and a bit of learning, not the NUS. As such it is always a taxpayer fund irrelevancy lead by utter lunatics who are utterly unrepresentitive of 99% of students. But the election of its new leader, the Jew hating, ISIS condoning Malia Bouattia, sees the NUS plunge to new depths. Truly she is vile.

Ms Bouattia


2879 days ago

Don't Stand By - Holocaust Memorial Day beckons - a survivor video

HMD is in a couple of weeks and ahead of that a hugely powerful video has just been released. We say Never Again but do we actually mean it? You can get involved with Holocaust Memorial Day HERE